Khartoum, Dec.1 (SUNA) -  The Minister of Defense, Lt. Gen, Yasin Ibrahim, witnessed the graduation of Protection of VIPs Batch  (25) at the Military Intelligence Institute in Khartoum.

 the graduation attended by the Ministers  of Finance and Social Welfare, the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, the Chairman of the Security Arrangements Committee for Darfur Track, the deputy Chairman  of the Security Arrangements Committee, and number of military seniors.

Minister of defense said that the graduation of the 25 batch which is one of the Juba Agreement outcomes will make real addition to the Armed Forces.

he affirmed  readiness of the Armed Forces to fulfill their obligations towards security arrangements, indicating that the armed forces have carried out a number of courses,  with a number of (1800) personnel.

The Minister of Finance and chairman of the Justice and Equality Movement Jebriel Ibrahim stressed that the signing of the peace agreement was a support for the Armed Forces, calling for more attention to the Intelligence Institute .


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