Al Daein, Dec. 2 (SUNA) - The governor of East Darfur state, Maulana Mohamed Adam Abdel Rahman, called on the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to open an office in the state of state to coordinate humanitarian operations, support vulnerable groups, and assist the displaced, refugees and people with special needs.

The governor said in a lengthy meeting led by him and a number of officials in the state and the Director of ICRC, Carlos Morzani in Khartoum, that the state of East Darfur borders the state of South Sudan, and it hosts more than one hundred million refugees and one hundred and twenty thousand displaced people, and it has more than 23 million heads of livestock that need services.

On his part, Mr. Carlos Morzani, Director of Operations Department of the ICRC, pledged to visit the state, plan to open an office and provide all the available services to all those in need in the state, and coordinate with United Nations organizations and humanitarian organizations working in the humanitarian field.

 The state’s Commissioner of Humanitarian Aid appreciated the efforts of the ICRC in the state and was committed to overcoming and coordinating all administrative obstacles in order to open an office for the International Committee of the Red Cross in East Darfur.


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