Al-Fasher, Dec. 3 (SUNA) - The special force for protection of the civilians of the Rapid Support Forces in North Darfur State began as of Friday implementing large-scale campaigns to combat negative phenomena in the areas of Tabat, Abu Zeraiga and Kolgi, southern of Al Fasher city.

The campaigns aim to prevent the use of motorcycles and the combat of drugs and the wear the mask (Kadmol), in addition to controlling security breaches in those areas.

The commander of the North Darfur Sector of the Rapid Support Forces, Maj. Gen. Jedu Hamdan Ahmed Abu-Shoak, said in a press statement after inspecting the performance of these forces in the field that the push for these large security reinforcements to these areas comes within framework of the efforts exerted by the Rapid Support Forces in order to protect the civilians, combat negative phenomena and to impose the prestige of the state.


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