Khartoum, Dec. 22 (SUNA) - The Saudi Ambassador to Sudan, Ali bin Hassan Jaafar, affirmed the Kingdom's support for all efforts of reconciliation between the Sudanese, and all that pushes and establishes the pillars of stability in Sudan.

During his participation Wednesday, and addressing the activities of a workshop for formulating the demands and outputs of the Sankat’s two conferences, which were organized by the Federal Secretariat of the Beja and Independent Chieftans Council and the East Sudan Coordinator, in the Friendship Hall in Khartoum, in the presence and participation of Ambassador Mohammed Belaish, representative of the African Union, and the head of the Higher Council of Al- Beja Chieftans Council, Mohammed Al-Amin Turk, and Professor Mohammed Al-Amin Ahmed Ismail, head of the workshop, the Federal Secretariat of the Council, and a number of figures and notables in eastern Sudan, the Saudi Ambassador affirmed the Kingdom sincere support to all reconciliation efforts between the Sudanese and that it has not and will not be late in supporting its brothers in Sudan.

He indicated that his country's support for Sudan and its stability are dictated by duty, religious ties and a common destiny.


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