Kadogli Jan 23 (SUNA)- The South Kordofan Government and its Security Committee decided today to declare a state of emergency in all parts of the state, starting today (Monday), and it will continue for a month.

This came on the background of the killing four innocent people and wounding four at 03:30 am today, and as a result, the state’s security committee held a meeting to discuss the general situation under the chairmanship of the Wali (governor) of the state Musa Jabr Mahmoud.

The Wali, said in a press statement that the state government has been following up and dealing with the general conditions that arise from time to time, but today's incident is very unfortunate and bitter.

He said that the state government will not rest until the state regains its security and stability, and we will not tolerate or forgive anyone who kept terrorizing and terrifying the safe citizens.

He added that the security committee should put in place measures and use all its capabilities to resolve chaos and outlaws, giving directives for the collection of weapons from the hands of citizens so that they are only remain in hands of regular forces.   

The Wai added that the declaration of emergency is accompanied by emergency courts in coordination with the judiciary, expressing his confidence in the people and citizens of the state.

He affirmed that the state security committee should put in place its measures and policies after this incident, stressing that results will appear within the next two days.


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