Damazin, Jan. 24 (SUNA)-The Peace and Development Studies Center of Blue Nile University received today a technical and equipment support from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in the context of partnerships between the center and the organization.

The UNDP’s Office Representative in Blue Nile Region, Mohamed Abdel- Karim, affirmed that cooperation between the organization and the center comes in support to the process of building peace , indicating  that  the  organization has been providing support to all Sudan’s universities.

He emphasized that the organization provided training doses to the center’s staff in a way that enhances peace and contributes in its building process.

The UNDP’s office representative stated that the organization aims to transfer the experience of the University of Khartoum to the region, explaining that it will work to raise the capabilities of the center in the areas of training and contribute to the construction of the center's facilities.

The Center’s Director and the university’s professors highlighted the goals of establishing the center and its role in building peace and development, noting that the center will intensify programs and projects to rebuild peace in the region in light of the repercussions of the incidents that the region had witnessed.

They stressed that these situations require strengthening partnership with organizations especially with UNDP, praising its support and cooperation with the Center.  


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