Khartoum, Jan.24 (SUNA) - The Joint Coordination Committee between the signatories to the framework agreement and the tripartite mechanism decided to kick off the activities of Workshop on Juba peace agreement for Sudan next, Tuesday, Jan.31.

The Official Spokesperson of the Political Process said in a press statement today, that the Tripartite Mechanism will undertake the task of organizing and facilitating the workshop, besides extending the Invitations to representatives of the signatories to the framework agreement, the forces that signed the Juba Peace Agreement in Sudan, the displaced, refugees, women and youth organizations, resistance committees, pastoralists, nomads, farmers and civil administrations, according to a representation that guarantees the participation of at least 40% of women and representation all states of Sudan, focusing on war-affected areas.

The statement underlined that the Joint Coordination Committee and the other assistant committees will continue their meetings to prepare for the other workshops and conferences which will be held successively after the peace workshop, to ensure accelerating steps to reach a final political solution that expresses the aspirations of the Sudanese people and address the major r issues which guarantee the restoration of the civil democratic transformation.


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