Al-Damazin, Jan. 24 (SUNA) – The member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant General Malik Aqar Ayer,with the participation of Lieutenant General Ahmed Al Omda Badi, Governor of Blue Nile region, chaired today in the General Secretariat of the regional government in the Legislative Council a joint meeting included the ministers of the regional government and the security committee in the presence of the two deputies of the governor in the states of South and West Kordofan and representatives of the region Framework Agreement Committee for Peaceful Coexistence.

The member of the TSC, following the meeting called for consensus among all the contry’s political components to save the situation and protect the Sudanese state from collapse, he added that the framework agreement lacks comprehensiveness, describing it as similar to the elite agreement and needs further development to be comprehensive for all of Sudan and meet the aspirations of many Sudanese.

 He pointed out that the joint meeting between the regional government, the Security Committee and the Framework Agreement Committee assured success of the President of TSC to the region,  pointed to messeges sent to the local and to abroad, besides the gains for the refuges and displaced support during the mass rally in the region’s capital and  Ulu area.

 The region’s governor, Lieutenant General Badi, stated that the joint meeting focused on evaluating the recent visit of the President of the Sovereignty Council to the region, explaining that the visit of the President of the TSC represented a pivotal stage for the citizens of Blue Nile region.

He added that the joint meeting dealt with the challenges facing the return of refugees and displaced persons, pointing to Lieutenant General Malik Aqar Air, support and full sponsorship for the return program, indicating that effort focus on bringing the framework agreement in reality in coordination with the National Committee for Monitoring the Framework Agreement, to find solutions to the challenges, on top of which is the establishment of mechanisms to implement the framework agreement.

The Chairman of the National Committee for Enforcing the Framework Agreement for Peaceful Coexistence in Blue Nile region, Brigadier General Essam El-Din Abdullah Al-Drouqi, reviewed the steps taken to implement the framework agreement for peaceful coexistence and bring to the level communities, in addition to communicating with the relevant ministries with programs to reject hate speech, accept the other, and peaceful coexistence.


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