Kassala 29-1-2023 (SUNA) - The Governor of Kassala in charge, Mr. Khojaly Hamad Abdullah, was briefed on the program of the medical convoy (Salamat), which will visit Kassala State in the next few days, when he met with Dr. Adam Fadl Al-Mawla Nasr, coordinator of the convoy, in the presence of Dr. Ali Adam, Director of Health in the state, Professor Amani Abdel Maarouf, Director of Kassala University, and Essam El-Din, Director of Therapeutic Medicine in the state. Dr. Fadl Al-Mawla, coordinator of the convoy, explained that the convoy, which will arrive in the state on February 18, contains 65 doctors and consultants from England, Canada and the United States of America in various medical specialties, and stays in the state for 7 days, during which it will tour all localities of the state.

Dr. Adam said that the convoy is different from other convoys that came to Kassala , as it includes all segments of society and targets the deaf and dumb segment by providing 300 headphones, adding that the convoy has a training aspect for all medical cadres, medical assistants and students of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Kassala and training for midwives, and each midwife will be delivered an integrated equipment bag, and the training includes the localities of Kassala and Halfa. Dr. Adam expressed his complete satisfaction with the meeting and the great keenness he felt from the government of Kassala on the people of the state to provide all services that are in the interest of the citizen of the state.

For his part, the governor of the state confirmed their support for the convoy and the provision of all required means of deportation, subsistence and housing to provide services to the fullest.

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