Kosti, Jan. 31 (SUNA)- Acting  White Nile State Wali (governor) Omar Al-Khalifa Abdalla met today in Kosti  a joint delegation representing Sudanese Customs Forces headed by  Maj. Gen. (police)  Hassabal-karim Adam Al-Nur, Director General of the Sudanese Customs and  the South Sudan Customs delegation  led by  the General Director of  Non-Oil Revenues  Dr. Paretic Kandy Magoya.

The visit aims that the two sides would get acquainted with the River Transport facilities and customs stations.

The Wali of the state welcomed the delegation of  the Republic of South Sudan, saying that the visit comes as a continuation to the visit of the delegation of the joint political security committee between the two countries to revitalize and activate the laws and agreements related to foreign trade and opening of the crossings.  

Meanwhile, the Wali announced readiness of the state to open the crossings after signing a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Foreign Trade and completing the procedures in coordination with the customs department.

The Wali stressed that resumption of trade between the two countries would result in a positive economic return particularly at border areas.

Director General of the Sudanese Customs, Maj. General (police) Al -Nur said this visit was made by Customs Administrations of the two countries to see on the ground the status of the crossings and the needs of customs operations in the White Nile state and the logistical support that the Government of Sudan can provide in the technical aspects and   the training of some officers and forces from the customs of the Republic of South Sudan.

For his part, the head of the delegation of the Republic of South Sudan expressed his happiness for the warm reception his delegation  had found in Khartoum and the White Nile, declaring the firm desire of the Republic of South Sudan to resume trade with Sudan.

He indicted, that the White Nile state represents the first supply line for trade between the two countries, and called on the Sudanese authorities to provide aid to facilitate the mission of the delegation.


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