Khartoum, Jan. 31 (SUNA) The Special Envoy of the Secretary General to Sudan and Head of the UN Integrated Transition Assistant Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS), Volker Perthes, praised the military and civilian components for reaching a political agreement on the 5th of December and their continued commitment to advancing the political process.

During his address today, the representative of the tripartite mechanism at the opening session of the conference on Juba Agreement for the peace of Sudan and the completion of peace in the Friendship Hall, praised the recent efforts aimed at expanding the scope of parties in the political process.

The representative of the tripartite mechanism, Volker Perthes, has asserted the tripartite mechanism commitment to continue on the agreement and facilitate the political process to reach a final agreement that includes all parties because it is the process of the Sudanese men and women, noting that the specialized conferences provide the opportunity to more hearing to those voices, especially on issues that directly affect them, such as conflict issues, humanitarian and security issues, that affect the displaced and refugees, and make them realy participate in promoting and implementing the Juba Peace Agreement.

Volker Perthes noted: “Of course, those in the hall today are the displaced, refugees, humanitarian groups, farmers and nomads, all of whom represent groups with important issues, all local communities, and we hope for greater and broader participation to join the procession of peace”.

He added:  "I am sorry, that some of the main signatories of the Juba Agreement are not present in the political process."

Volcker reaffirmed the mechanism's keenness on the participation of the rest of the opposing parties of the signatories of the Juba Agreement in the discussions regarding the final stage of the political process in general, indicating that the tripartite mechanism will continue all its efforts to encourage them to join the political process.

The opening session of the conference on Juba Agreement for the peace of Sudan, launched today at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum has witnessed the the addresses of the representatives of the guarantors of the Juba Peace Agreement, representatives of the witnesses of the Juba Peace Agreement - the European Union and the Troika, and the speech of the representative of the tripartite mechanism, during which speakers  affirmed their support for the final stage of the peace process and their encouragement to the conferees to come up with recommendations that contribute to advancing the Juba Peace Agreement forward so that peace and stability can be achieved.


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