Mombasa 1-2-2023 (SUNA) - Executive Secretary of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) Workni Qbeho  has affirmed IGAD's support for the transition process in Sudan.

This came when he delivered the third annual speech of IGAD in Mombasa, Kenya, this morning.

The Executive Secretary said that IGAD is working with the United Nations and the African Union under the auspices of the tripartite mechanism to coordinate support for the national dialogue for the transition to civilian rule in Sudan, noting that the transition is progressing gradually.

IGAD called for an inclusive, consultative political process and broader participation of all stakeholders and signatories to the Juba Agreement. The secretary said that IGAD stresses Sudan's re-acceptance of the African Union, as well as the lifting of all sanctions that impede the transition of power in Sudan, lauding the efforts of the tripartite mechanism that led to the framework agreement in December between the army and a broad sector of the civilian leadership

The secretary said that IGAD is optimistic about the civil dialogue and looks forward to reaching a common position on the road map. During his speech, the Executive Secretary stated that the peace process in Sudan will benefit greatly, referring to the growing political support from the IGAD, the African Union and the international community.


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