Khartoum, Feb.1 (SUNA)- Member of the Transitioal Sovereignty Council (TSC) Al-Taher Hajar  has called  Abdelaziz Al-Hilu and Abdel-Wahid Mohamed Nur  to join the peace process  and the Framework Agreement to complete  the political process  which aims  to build a civil bloc  and  boost the  peaceful co-existence.

 Hajar, who was addressing the conference on Juba Peace Agreement  and Completion of  Peace Process  in the Friendship Hall yesterday, commended endeavors  of revolutionaries of the armed struggle movements , women and youth  who led the glorious December revolution of which  we have been reaping its fruit-the Framework Agreement- which  is considered , he explained, the real approach  to the democratic transition.

He expressed pleasure overr understandings with  the Forces of Freedom and Change-Democratic Bloc (FFC-DB) to join the Framework Agreement , calling  on   political forces opposing the Framework Agreement  to sign  the Agreement.

 Hajar stressed that peace issue should be a top priority in any document so as to be a ground for comprehensive peace, calling for holistic view over peace so as to include all conflict areas with necessity of respect of all documents and agreements which, he elaborated, constitutes a cornerstone of perpetuation of peace  and good management of diversity  in the country .

The TSC member thanked  the tripartite mechanism  , international quartet , diplomatic missions and South Sudan, Chad and Emirates  in particular for their considerable efforts  to help the country come out from the political crisis as well as for  their contributions to  signing of the Framework Agreement


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