Khartoum, Feb. 1 (SUNA) - The IGAD Executive Secretary, Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu affirmed, today, that the political situation in the Republic of Sudan is still progressing towards resolution.

Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu said in his 3rd address on the State of the IGAD Region he  made in Mombasa, Kenya,  that IGAD is working in conjunction with the African Union and the United Nations under the patronage of the Trilateral Mechanism to coordinate and support national dialogue towards a civilian transition, noting that progress in this area has been gradual.

He asserted that the intensive efforts of the Trilateral Mechanism over the past year resulted in the political framework agreement of December 2022 between the military and a broad section of the civilian leadership.

He added “This January, a second phase of talks among the civilian leadership was held towards building broader consensus for the December agreement. Looking forward to 2023, IGAD remains optimistic that the civilian-civilian dialogue will arrive at a common position on the roadmap to transition.”

Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu affirmed that “ IGAD supports an inclusive and participatory consultation process and calls for the broader participation of all stakeholders including signatories of the 2020 Juba agreement, to which IGAD is a guarantor and remains grateful to the leadership of the Republic of South Sudan for its support.”

He stressed that the peace process in Sudan will benefit significantly from the increased political support of IGAD, AU Member States and the International Community.

The IGAD Executive Secretary, said: “In this regard, I underscore the call made by the 48th Ordinary Session of the IGAD Council of Ministers for the initiation of a process to re- admit of the Republic of Sudan into the African Union, alongside the lifting of any sanctions that may be hindering the transition process.”


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