Kadugli, February 5 (SUNA) – Member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council (TSC) Gen. Shams al-Din Kabbashi has instructed the government of South Kordofan State and its security committee to rejuvenate the emergency law to wipe out all negative phenomena and collect unlicensed weapons from the hands of citizens.


Gen. Kabbashi said, when addressing a mass rally Sunday at Kadugli Stadium, that the state is in crisis and witnessing security pandemonium that has led to negative practices that do not resemble the state or the morals of its people, calling on the native administration to perform its role by exerting utmost efforts to restore the social fabric, revive alliances among tribes, combat hate speech and reject racism, urging assistance of the security services in preventing crime by immediately reporting on professional offenders.


The member of the Sovereign Council said that the deterioration of services in the state was due to the war, political and security instability, which led to deterioration in education, which negatively affected the level of academic achievement, infrastructure and the rest of the services in the state.


Gn. Kabbashi praised the role that the state’s teachers continued to play despite the critical circumstances the country is going through and their continued performance of their educational mission without stopping, announcing his support for the education conference, which is scheduled to be held in the state, pledging to implement its outcome, announcing the federal government support for the state’s education fund at an amount of 500 million pounds.


Gen. Kabbashi pointed out that the state lacked infrastructure and did not have valid roads, referring to the suspension of work on the 141-kilometer ring road due to security conditions, announcing provision of the necessary fund for the completion of the ring road within this year and the renovation of the Kadugli Al-Al-Obied Road, in addition to the inauguration of work on the Delenj-Habila Road, explaining that 60 kilometers have been allocated in this year's budget for internal roads in the state to be distributed among its localities.

In the field of health, the TSC member revealed that the Minister of Health sent a delegation to find out the needs of the state in the health aspect, and the starting point will be in the Kadugli Reference Hospital, then hospitals and health centers in the state's localities, stressing the need to create a favorable work environment for doctors and all auxiliary medical personnel.


With respect to the provision of drinking water in the state, Kabbashi said that great efforts have been exerted between the federal government, the state government and voluntary organizations to construct two dams this year, in addition to digging of 44 underground wells distributed to the state's localities, referring the donation of Qatar Charity Association with 15 wells and a big water station.



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