ED Damazin, March. 9 (SUNA) - The Acting Director General of the Ministry of Welfare and Social Development in the Blue Nile Region, Ms. Fathia Mohamed Jarma, witnessed yesterday the celebration of the International Women's Day and honoring landmine victims, organized  by the National Units for Mine Action and Development (NUMAD) with the participation of Director of the National Mine Action Center (NMAC), Mohieddin Osman, along with the family of the Union of landmine Victims and Remnants of War and a number of concerned authorities.

Addressing the celebration, Ms. Fathia Mohamed Jarma, appreciated the great interest of the NUMAD in the category of land mine victims and remnants of war, awareness programs and social aspects.

Ms. Fathia revealed a package of social and economic projects presented by the Ministry of Welfare within its plan for the year 2023 to contribute to reduce poverty rate among the poor families .

Meanwhile, Director of NMAC, Mohieddin Osman, praised the creative and responsible initiatives of the NMAC to help landmines victims and remnants of war and interaction with the issues of the injured.

 Director of the National Units for Mine Action and Development Organization, Dr. Youssef Ibrahim, on his part, described the celebration of International Women's Day this year as an exceptional and includes awareness programs on landmines and remnants of war.


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