Khartoum, Mar. 14 (SUNA) –   The acting Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Gibril Ibrahim, has affirmed the government concern with the horizontal expansion of tax collection and the expansion of the tax umbrella to achieve equity in tax collection and access to new taxpayers, stating that the Sudan is remains a second lowest African country in tax collection after the South African State.

Dr. Gibril pointed to the general interest in redoubling efforts to implement digital transformation to maximize tax revenues and reduce loss in order to contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the 2023 budget and meet the budget expectations of doubling revenues.

During his visit today to the General Secretariat of Taxation Chamber Head Office, along with the participation of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance, Abdullah Ibrahim, the Minister directed the Taxation Chamber Head Office to expand the tax umbrella and introduce new financiers to increase tax revenues and ensure equitable tax collection.

He stressed the importance of digital transformation in revenue control, efficiency and improved tax performance to achieve greater economic stability.

Meanwhile,   Secretary-General of the of Taxation Chamber Head Office, Dr. Mohammad Ali Mustafa, promised to exert further efforts to make the State self-reliant, disclosing  more efforts being made to computerize performance at the Chamber which includes computing the statutes and electronic invoice system, pointing out the projects currently under implementation, the most important of which is the project to link the tax system with the E15-receipt collection , outlining their plans to achieve a link exceeding 12% of GDP by implementing the electronic invoice that ensures revenue control, transparency of performance and equity of collection, praising the Ministry of Finance's support to the Chamber.


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