Khartoum, Mar. 15 (SUNA) - Member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council (TSC),Al-Tahir Hajar, has pledged to support and help the young people on all issues and challenges so that they can play their part in bringing about the required change and sustainable development.

Addressing on Wednesday morning the Sudanese Youth Summit on the Sustainable Development Goals, organized at the Friendship Hall by Istidama Wattan Organization, the TSC Member stressed the need to renounce the hate speech and racism and to work to build the nation in accordance with a program that includes all Sudanese young people

Hajar called for taking into account the unity of cultural and social diversity, noting that the young people are able to bring about the required change, implement the objectives of the revolution, and re-build the homeland and to take national agenda above the partisan and personal agenda.

He stressed the need to revive the values of cooperation, solidarity, reconciliation and political and social acceptance of the other among people of one country, without discrimination or racism, pointing to the importance of working to manage the Sudan's resources through the youth energies and new ideas.

 The TSC Member affirmed his confidence on the youth and called for keeping abreast of the revolution's goals and demands, positive discrimination of women and support to their program that contribute to the building of the nation and boosting the stability and development.


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