.Khartoum, Mar.16 (SUNA) - The Head of the International Audit Team of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has announced that Sudan passed the international audit of aviation scrutiny. This came in the closing meeting held today at the headquarters of the Sudanese Civil Aviation Authority in Khartoum. Meanwhile ICAO declared that Sudanese civil aviation passed the international audit of aviation scrutiny, represented by the Civil Aviation Authority and the Sudan Airports Company represented by Khartoum International Airport. The audit process continued as of March (5-15), 2023.

 Director of Khartoum International Airport, Essam El-Din Mohamed Ahmed explained that the audit team confirmed that the airport was free of violations, threats and security concerns. He noted that international audit team assured that Khartoum Airport met the international standards and regulations contained in the seventeenth annex of aviation security, indicating that the audit team made some observations for the purpose of improvement and correction. The Airport Director thanked the authority's aviation security department, the aviation security department at Khartoum International Airport, and all the security and police authorities and other parties for their joint cooperation during the audit and their contribution to this success. Director of Public Relations and Information Department at Sudan Airports Company Zuhar Shindaqawi, said the passing of the Sudanese Aviation Authority and Khartoum International Airport for audit represents a success for Sudan in international forums, adding that the final report and corrective plan will be issued after 60 days.


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