Khartoum, Mar.16 (SUNA) - The Organization of the Families of the Martyrs of the Glorious December Revolution (OFMGDR) has confirmed its participation in the National Conference on Justice and Transitional Justice in Sudan in order to convey its vision and make its voice heard.

The Chairman of The organization Farah Abbas Farah said in a press release issued today that they were invited to attend the conference by the UNITAMS, AU, IGAD and the Higher National Committee (Civil Alliance and national experts), scheduled to be launched today evening in Friendship, Khartoum at 6:00 pm.On justice and criminal justice as regard of our sons as concerned Farah noted that the vision of the organization was presented at a workshop which extended for a week time, pointing out the vision had been presented to all demanding bodies, he said that the vision was circumvented and as consequence, a consensus was reached by the organization so that we all work as one body.

The chairman of the Organization pointed out that their vision could be seen on social media platform and the martyrs' families’ website, noting that the vision  based on the consensus on the organization to attend the conference to implement its vision on the ground. 

Farah indicated that the participation of the organization in the conference comes in order to convey the voice of justice, which can only be achieved by imposing our vision on the national and international community to take it, ‘’The international community has been committed to implementing the vision of the families of the martyrs,’’ he noted.  


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