Khartoum, Mar. 18 (SUNA) – 109 civil, people’s, social professionals, civil society organizations and youth entities Saturday signed an alliance charter for the unity of Sudan and the work to establish a Sudan that accommodates everyone, extending security and peace in all parts of Sudan.

The leader of the Tamazuj Movement, which a signatory of the Juba Peace Agreement and deputy chairman of the Sudan Unity Alliance, Gen. Adam Yahia (Carbino) stressed the importance of Sudan's nationalism, calling for everyone to work jointly for a better future.

He stressed that all efforts shall be made to achieve peace, security and stability, stressing that war is not an option, and that all people must all work for peace and that the public interest should be the basis for the advancement of Sudan.

Gen. Hilal Mohamed Tahir, the deputy chairman of the Alliance for the Unity of Sudan, said that loyalty is to be Sudan first and foremost, and that everyone should forget the differences.

Hilal has praised the role of the Armed Forces in maintaining security and achieving stability, and called on everyone to work jointly and in harmony, and for Sudan to be above all considerations, and for weapons to be in the hands of the Armed Forces only to maintain security in all parts of Sudan.

It is worth noting that the charter contains provisions that include Sudan’s unity and stability, curbing hate speech, preserving Sudan identity and tolerant values, establishing a state of law and justice, fortifying society and instilling values of reconciliation, strengthening Sudan’s independence and its regional and international presence, the return of displaced persons and refugees and their settlement in their home areas, as well as work to reform the judicial organs and to address the distortions in the civil service, and that Sudan’s foreign relations be in accordance with mutual interests, and that dialogue be the basis for resolving differences, rejecting violence, giving concern to the youth issues, and working to give women a greater role in the future of Sudan.





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