Merowe, Mar. 18 (SUNA) – The President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Gen. Abdul-Fattah Al-Burhan, attended on Saturday a mass wedding of 600b couples at Merowe and Al-Dabba areas, in the presence of the Wali (governor) of the Northern State and members of the state’s government, the Commander of the Third Division and the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Sudan.

Addressing the occasion, Gen. Al-Burhan has praised the citizens of the area for their loyalty and honesty to the Armed Forces, which he described as an authentic partner of the Sudanese people, and will continue to defend them and will place its capabilities to serve them everywhere in the country.


 He expressed the feeling of the command of the suffering of the people of the area, and its decision to work immediately to solve their suffering with the capabilities of the Army, starting with giving attention to the needs of the young people to facilitate marriage, protect them from drugs, combat smuggling, harmful habits and other negative phenomena that destroy their future, and to contribute to the development of these areas and to extend a helping hand to its citizens.

Gen. Al-Burhan said that the problems and suffering experienced by the citizens of the region are visible, and are summarized in the need for electricity, mining and road problems, as well as the issues of those affected by the construction of the Merowe Dam, in addition to the problems of education and health, which requires sitting with the governments of Nahral-Neil and the Northern States), notables and the people to consider finding effective and quick mechanisms to deal with these problems and to solve them urgently and immediately.

He expressed his regret that some areas are still suffering from the lack of anti-scorpion vaccines, noting that they are the same problems that he encountered in Al-Gold, Al-Towena, and the Manasir areas that he visited today morning, from which he announced the payment of ferries to all areas that need them, giving a directive to complete communication and electricity services, in addition to rehabilitation of Buhaira Hospital and providing all its equipment by the Armed Forces.

He pointed out that the country's leadership is working to establish civil rule, which requires support from the Armed Forces and the people alike, and the work to correct it and prevent its deviation from the right path and to avoid establishment of any authoritarian rule in the future.

Gen. Al-Burhan has praised the peaceful co-existence between the citizens of the area, which remained throughout its history free of tribal and regional disputes and will remain on the same approach.


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